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Livestock productivity and profitability is directly linked to the quality of ventilation within your building, in order to ventilate, you have to insulate. The poorer the insulation within the confinement of a building, the greater the moisture build up and the less productive your livestock will be. Your goal is profitability and it is imperative to reduce moisture and moderate temperature swings, even in warmer climates.


Nova-Lite XL Sidewall Panels

Sun-North Systems Ltd. manufactures and installs Nova-Lite XL sliding polycarbonate panels in a wide range of sizes. The panels are virtually unbreakable and have immense light penetration. Nova-Lite XL offers an R3 insulation value and an all aluminum heavy duty window frame assembly. View More....


Nova-Lite Vu Sidewall Panels

For increased comfort in the milking parlour, a heavy fabric parlour curtain wall is the ideal answer. This curtain can be installed between the holding area and parlour or main dairy barn and parlour. Typically, the curtain is fastened to the ceiling or top header and a horizontal sleeve in the centre of the curtain contains a 3-1/2" glavalom tube. This tube then rotates moving upwards rolling the bottom half and the top half as it progresses upwards finishing up against the ceiling. Normally the curtain rolls up automatically by way of a motor mounted inside the centre tube. View More....


Altra-Seal Sidewall Panels

Altra-Seal is a lightweight continuous rigid panel which slides over sidewall openings on livestock housing. View More....