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Split System Curtain

For Maximum Temperature Control

Split System CurtainIt is important to be able to only open the very top of the curtain system in cold weather and yet open the entire system in very hot weather, hence the split curtain. This system is well suited to large sidewall openings. Typically the top half of the curtain would fold down to the centre sill and the bottom half of the curtain would be rolled up under tension around a special 2” keder aluminum tube and secured under the centre sill. This bottom curtain is usually a summer time curtain and may only be activated several times during the warmer months. Often the bottom curtain is operated manually and the top is operated automatically.

**There are many alternatives to the split curtain. Another option is to have the top curtain release from the top by a cable and simultaneously roll around a fixed lower pipe keeping the curtain tight and less susceptible to the elements.

  • Split System top curtain can be left open for minimum ventilation even during the coldest of nights.
  • Having your entire dairy sidewall as a split system maximizes your ventilation in summer months.
  • Various material options are available for your dairy barn.
  • For sidewall opening heights up to 8' and widths up to 200'.
  • Manual and automatic options are available.
  • Wind pipe or wind rope supports every 4' o/c.