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No Main Cables - Minimal Maintenance

No-Main CurtainThe all new No-Main Curtain is the lowest maintenance curtain on the market and operates without the use of a main cable. The No-Main system is very popular with farmers with large sidewall openings and long barns. Curtain systems can be arranged in a number of different configurations, catering to a wide variety of building and ventilation setups.

  • No main cables.
  • Systems designed for large dairies.
  • Low maintenance.
  • A variety of curtain material types and weights are available.
  • Manual or electrical operation.
  • Temperature controllers available for fully automated systems.
  • Corrosion resistant hardware.
  • Easy installation.
  • Single output maximum length - 144’.
  • Double output maximum length - 250’.
  • Opening height of 2’ up to 24’.
  • Works on any type of structure, steel or wood etc.