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Modern ventilation and environmental management vary from very simple to very sophisticated automated systems. Sun-North manufactures Shepherd electronic controls and power drives ranging from complete natural ventilation to dual ventilation (using both natural and fan power).

Sun-North has over 25 years of experience in designing and providing controls that create the ideal stress free rearing environment, allowing your animals to reach their optimum genetic potential. Energy management (conservation of electricity and gas) has become absolutely essential for successful and profitable animal husbandry. All too often barns are over ventilated during cold periods and under ventilated in hotter times. Sun-North's controls can give you peace of mind knowing that their controls will sense sudden temperature swings, strong winds, heavy rains and then adjust automatically.


Natural Ventilation Controls

Sun-North controls are state of the art electronic controls which are able to monitor many different regions of your animal facility. Tri-Star & Shepherd controls will adjust individual sidewall panels and ridge outlets over the entirety of your building taking into account inside temperature and outside weather conditions and adjusting for swings in wind and rain directions.View More....


Dual Ventilation Controls

When sensitive livestock requires sensitive control then a combination of natural and fan ventilation is the best choice to optimize comfort conditions and maximize energy efficiencies. View More....



Sun-North manufactures two different sizes of linear actuators, a medium duty (BX) with 1500 lbs of lift and heavy duty (BXX) with 2500 lbs of lift. Sun-North also supplies two smaller vent door actuators. View More....


Power Drive Systems

Sun-North's new generation made power drives are a state of the art answer to worry free panel and curtain operations. These compact gear drives are self-braking with worm wheel transmission complete with CSA approved electric motors with multi range voltage. View More....